Make your loved ones smile

It’s our honour to be a part of your creating memories.  These moments of celebration are meant to be treasured for a lifetime. Caledon Balloons works closely with you every step of the way from the initial consultation to the final installation.

Every Caledon Balloon design is unique and tailored to your preferences and event theme.

A whimsical birthday party, elegant wedding, cheerful baby shower, or accomplished corporate event, Caledon Balloons transforms your visions into reality. We take pride in creating memorable moments with stunning balloon arches, captivating centrepieces, or eye-catching balloon installations.

Each balloon is hand selected

Our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail sets us apart in the industry. 

Each balloon is hand-selected ensuring qualities of vibrancy, durability, and eco-friendliness. More importantly, each design is crafted with love, meticulous precision in creative and execution to lasting impressions with everyone in celebration.

Arrangements for every occasion

Caledon Balloons has arrangements to match your vision and budget. Arch walls comes in full or half size, hollow or ripple, also backdrop and props available for rental. Delivery and set up within GTA, or free pick up locations in Caledon and Vaughan.

Which Type of Balloon Arrangement best suits You?

Click on each below for description … 

Perfect for a drool worthy Instagram backdrop. A definite WOW focal point of large height and width that sets the look you’re after. Pair it with custom designed balloon arrangements add whimsical, elegance, or what ever it is you can envision.

Props of arched or round walls, easel board with custom message, or a 7’gold hoop rental and balloon arrangement of your choice starts at $275 (+hst). Reserve today to ensure availability for your special event as it requires delivery and pick-up.

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Dessert Cart and balloon arrangement Ready to Pop balloon arrangement"Two" Wild Balloon Arrangement by Caledon Balloons

Tower arrangements are like a painting but creating art with balloons. It’s popular for its’ level of personalization and versatility of sizes.

Share your vision and theme, we will design a custom tower with all the fun details!

Ex. Themed Number Towers pictured below are approx. 3’ tall by 5’ wide starts at $130 (+hst).

To pick up a large tower you will need an SUV with the back seats down.

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Donuts and cupcakes balloon arrangements Space helium tower by Caledon Balloons Birthday helium tower by Caledon Balloons Tropical balloon tower by caledon balloons

Grab n’ Go Balloon garlands are approx. 6′ long that makes it the perfect party decoration and backdrop for your photos!

Include a variety of balloon sizes in three colours of your choice and everything needed to hang it yourself.

Ask us about Luxe Wall Garlands, and Table Runner Garlands too.

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Safari themed balloon arrangement by Caledon Balloons Pretty Pink Balloon Garland by Caledon Balloons Dinosaur themed balloon garland and helium balloon by Caledon Balloons

Floating balloon bouquets or tabletop centrepieces, helium balloon bouquets have endless themes and design options.

The height it gives can be paired with minimal balloons. Often sprinkled across your space to anchor your theme and design.

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Specialty balloons are an array of different balloon installations to bring your design alive and that you can interact with.

Such as …
Hug Bubble
Floating Teddy
Hot Air Balloons
Custom Requests
Pop Me Balloons
Hot Air Balloons

Balloon Props are a fun to way spice a balloon setup is by adding a cake plinth or character cut-out!

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Pink and Blue arrangement by Caledon Balloons

About Caledon Balloons

Caledon Balloons was founded during lockdown from the pandemic as a channel to keep creating magical experiences, connections, and celebrations. Diana, the founder of Caledon Balloons owns Tiny Town Vaughan, a children make believe play and learn centre. It’s her passion to creating joyous experiences, adding magical touches to celebrations, bringing smiles to faces. Because there are no ordinary moments, and each milestone big or small needs to be cherished. As a mother, Diana says it’s in these cherished moments that we find the true essence of happiness. And why she pours her heart and soul into her craft – ensure the perfect decor for your special occasions imprinting these special moments

Frequently Asked Questions:

The earlier, the better! Event set up dates and times are first come first serve and can fill up quickly. We prefer as much time as possible to ensure we are available the date of your event! We require at least 2 weeks. If needing something sooner, a rush fee may apply. Please fill out our Inquiry Form. The more information the better so we can provide a more accurate quote.
We ask for a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This deposit secures your date and allows us to order in your needed materials to create your design. Fill out our contact form to get started! The balance of the payment must be made at least two days before the event delivery/setup.
We only use premium branded products. This ensures the quality and finish to our designs are highest quality. In the correct circumstances/environment, our air-filled displays can last for weeks!
Yes! Installs on the weekends (Fri-Sun) have a $250 order minimum. Balloon Garland installs also start at 8ft. If you are looking for something below $250, I recommend checking out our Grab & Go Garlands!
We will absolutely return for an additional fee. If you’re renting a backdrop/prop from us, we will return to clean up and collect our items. This fee will be included in your invoice.
No, we cannot guarantee the quality or speculate about the longevity of balloons not provided by us. If they are defective or burst during or after inflation there may not be enough balloons necessary for your decor design.​
This all depends on your event schedule for the day of your booking. We set up no later than an hour before your event. Most occasions we set up hours before the event, we can even set up the day before if required.
If you need to reschedule your booking, you must do so at least TWO DAYS (48 hours) prior to your event date and we would be happy to apply your deposit to a future booking based on our availability. Deposits are non-refundable.
All sales are final. We cannot offer refunds for balloons popping or deflating once they have been received. However, we assure you we only use the highest quality of balloon products.
Unfortunately, we have no control over wind, rain, sun, temperature, or any other facet of weather. WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE ANY OUTDOOR DÉCOR. We will take steps to minimize the effects of the elements on your decor, but despite our best efforts, most outdoor decor is still subject to popping, “frosting” or fogging the colors, and/or movement caused by wind.
We offer free pickup at two locations in Caledon and one location in Woodbridge. We will be able to schedule a time to pick up your balloons. Please remember to have an empty car with seats down so you will have enough room for the balloons. We recommend at least a small SUV for all pick up orders.
We will make every attempt to fill the order as requested. However, due to seasonality and availability of product, we reserve the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value. We will use its best efforts to maintain the look and feel of the specific arrangement by the shape, size, style and colour combinations.

Balloon Safety

Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once. Please note: Sand weights, water weights and etc will be used to weigh down balloon bouquets and other balloon designs. Various temperatures, surfaces and etc can cause weights to burst.

Yes and No. Balloons do not perform well under the heat. I suggest that you keep your balloons out of direct sunlight to be safe. But if you find a shaded area, for example around a tree, they should last for a longer time. Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee your balloons will last at all once they have been delivered or picked up. Once delivered, we are not responsible for any balloons that are popped, stolen, lost, poked or let go. If I pop your balloon, it will be replaced at no charge or a refund will be issued if I’m unable to get a replacement.
Balloons and Temperature: Please don’t leave balloons in a hot car – helium expands in the heat and this could cause your balloons to pop! I recommend that you use air conditioning in your vehicle when transporting balloons on a hot day. If your balloons get rained on and start to droop, don’t worry – they’ll float again when dry. When helium-filled balloons are taken into the cold, they will temporarily deflate and will re-inflate again when warm.
Most balloons are made of natural rubber latex and may cause allergies. Please look out for symptoms in case of allergies and seek immediate help.
Inhaling helium can be dangerous and it is not recommended. It can deprive your body of oxygen and can result in a fatality.
Lights, paint textures, irregular surfaces and even static can all pop balloons. If you are planning on placing your balloons on a ceiling, ensure that you test it first.
Clear balloons become cloudy quickly when exposed to heat and sunshine. Coloured balloons will take on a velvety, matte appearance.
While I use the highest quality balloons and take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event, once the balloons leave our door or I have left the venue, they are out of our control.
  • Vinyl/personalisation on balloons will lift/bubble due to temperature changes and movement of air/helium inside the balloon and is not considered a fault.
  • Avoid repetitive handling including moving to different locations
  • Avoid moving balloons around different climates frequently (inside to outside and vice versa)
  • Enjoy your balloons & don’t forget to share any photos
  • IF you have any additional questions, I can answer them for you on our inquiry
    form here Inquiry form

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